Marine container transportation

We transport all types of marine containers in the Baltic countries as well as in Poland, Finland and all the CIS countries. We carry heavy loads and ADR, as well as shipments requiring temperature control. Our modern fleet is capable of providing fast and reliable delivery of containers to your door. We will be happy to take care not only of transportation, but also of necessary documentation for your cargo.

International cargo transportation

In our modern, private transport fleet we deliver freights across the European Union, as well as the CIS countries. We use tarpaulin trailers to haul multi-purpose shipments requiring extra care and attention. Modern fleet, long-term experience and professional staff enables us to provide customers with the best quality transportation services.

Logistics services

Logistics services consist of complex business processes, including selection of the best modes of road transport and routing, cargo tracking, documentation and constant communication with customers. We offer not only the transportation of cargo that requires basic control, information and security, but also responsibly perform all complex transportation and logistics services.